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Class notes – Jobs

Here are the slides from today’s class on jobs in the public humanities. I post internships, jobs and conferences on the public humanities jobs blog. And if you’re interested in a job or an internship in the field, come chat.


Notes from Class 4/20 – Money!

Notes on money, here.

Class notes – week of April 12

Here are the slides from April 12 and 14th, on management and mission.



For next week, you might want to take a look at How to Read the IRS Form 990
& Find Out What it Means
, from the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York.

Notes from class 3/30: Cultural tourism

Click here,

Notes from lecture on exhibit types and process


Intangible cultural heritage class slides

Slides from Wednesday’s class: amcv1550-week-5-2009-intangible-heritage. THere’s a bit at the end I didn’t get to in class, some rules for museums interested in collecting stories as well as objects. It’s taken from a Museum Loan Network site, Collecting Stories: Connecting Objects.

Class powerpoints, weeks 3 and 4

Here are the slides from class on collecting and collections and historic preservation.

And extending the conversation about 9-11 collecting, the movie “Objects and Memory” is now available on MyCourses. Interviews with curators of 9-11 collections, and also some of the people whose objects they collected. More also on the Smithsonian site.