Final class notes

Are here.

And for those who missed class, a new assignment. Write a page or so on what you did on the exhibition, and what you learned from it.



Class notes – Jobs

Here are the slides from today’s class on jobs in the public humanities. I post internships, jobs and conferences on the public humanities jobs blog. And if you’re interested in a job or an internship in the field, come chat.

Why museums have become our home from home – Times Online

Why are museums so popular? And is that a good thing? Seems to me that it is…

Notes from Class 4/20 – Money!

Notes on money, here.

Rescheduling photo workshop

We are going to reschedule the photo workshop. Everyone seems to be consumed with Fox Point or has a scheduling conflict, although I have heard from at least five of you who would be interested otherwise. Here are the alternative dates. Please let me know which one works best. Monday, May 11 (10 am or 3 pm) Tuesday, May 12 (10 am) Wednesday (10, 1, or 3). Contact:

Class notes – week of April 12

Here are the slides from April 12 and 14th, on management and mission.



For next week, you might want to take a look at How to Read the IRS Form 990
& Find Out What it Means
, from the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York.

Crowdsourcing the curator

There’s a trend developing here… no need for curators, or grant administrators, or referees: just let the public vote. So here one Death of the Curator exercise, in London, at the Saatchi Gallery, and another, in historic preservation, in Boston: Vote to help determine which Boston area landmark receives NTHP funding.